Friday, 27 January 2012

Beauty Haul: Number 17, Soap & Glory, Garnier

I popped to Boots the other day to spend more money.I brought the New Number 17 'Peep Show' Mascara. I was lured in by the stunning packaging and introductuary offer - I payed £5.29 instead of £7.29. 

The fiberlash mascara is in brown/black so matches your natural lashes and is really amazing. It really lengthens my lashes and gives them a really natural looking curl. Will certainly repurchase!

My second purchase was Soap and Glory's 'Flake Away' body scrub. I've only ever used Soap & Glory's hand wash and hand creme as I have super sensitive skin but I need a decent exfoliator so thought I'd give this a go after reading loads of good reviews.

It smells really nice, and is quite a rough exfoliator - which I like - smooth skin here we come! My legs were super smooth after using this and its a huge tub so it'll last me a while.

Finally I treated myself to Garnier's tinted eye roll on in Shade 02 Fair. I suffer with quite bad bags under my eyes and think conceler sometimes make this worse. My cousin recommended this and at £6 instead of £10 I thought I'd give it a bash.

Idon't know how I ever lived without this! I can notice a real difference and as it goes on smoother than conceler it looks more natural.


  1. I got the flake away in a gift set for xmas - haven't tried it yet but think I'll have to now! xx

    1. xChristyBx - It really is amazing, smells gorge too! I have super sensitive skin and it doesnt irritate it either :) x