Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

1) Vivien Leather Contrast Dress, missguided
2) Contrast Zip Back Vest, Topshop
3) Glamourous Navy Olive Playsuit, ARK
4) Mulberry Alexa
5) Dip Dye Hair

I am desperate for dip dye hair. I've currently got blonde highlights so am considering going back to my natural brown and dipdying the ends...or staying blonde and dying the tips dark? Ideas/hints welcome!


  1. Seen that Missguided dress on a few blogs, it's so nice!!!

  2. love the mulberry!!
    laur x

  3. @Raz its gorgeous isn't it! they do it with the skirt in loads of different colours - spoilt for choice :) x

    @lau i may ask for one for my bday (ages away but oh well) keep lusting over ones on the web! x