Monday, 23 January 2012

New Look Sale Haul

As I work full time I tend to spend my lunch hour internet shopping and it's becoming dangerous! I thought most of the things left in the sale would be rubbish and not my size but I did manage to pick up some bargins from New Look:
Floral Dress: £9 down from £30

 This navy dress is stunning, I love it! I don't think I'd of paid full price for it but its so pretty and summery. I don't tend to wear things like this so it'll be a nice change. My graduation ceremony is next month and as our robes are navy I think I might wear this?

Cracked Stone Ring: £3

S'cuse my PJ's! I have a mini obsession with big rings and I love this. I ordered a medium though and as I've got tiny fingers it's a little bit big (I'm too lazy to take back a ring so it'll do!)

Oversize Tribal Studs: £3

My earring collection is huge but its mainly small studs so these will be great for dressing things up and mixing things up. They're massive black studs with gold detailing, very excited to wear them! 


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  1. What a pretty dress! :)

    p.s im now followign you sweetie!