Friday, 20 January 2012

NOTD: Number 17 Magnetic Nail Polish

Anyone that knows me will know I'm a complete nail polish junkie. I think I have every Barry M colour going! So when I saw 17's Magnetic Nail Polish I had to give it a try!

 I brought this in Teal (above) and Gun Metal and I LOVE it! The polish has metal particles in and when its still wet if you hover the magnet (in the lid) over it you get this amazing pattern. 'scuse the scruffy nails!

The first time I tried this I had major issues but if you give the bottle a good shake before you paint each nail it works. I also found it works better if you paint your nails normally first so theres a decent base colour.

Have you tried the maganetic polishes, what do you think?


  1. I've seen this but not tried it myself,I like! nice blog :)

    1. I'd recommend, it's amazing! :) cheaper than the Nails Inc version too! xx

  2. WOW I thought only OPI were doing these? Off to get some of this sharpish! xxx