Friday, 24 February 2012

MUA Cosmetics Haul

I'm not one for spending lots on make-up. Mainly because I'm rubbish at doing it and can never really tell much difference. But I decided the other day to invest in a few bits and pieces MUA. In case you don't know, MUA is stocked in Superdrug stores and online with most products retailing at £1 - my kind of price!

 Firstly I ordered these lipsticks. I've recently started wearing lipstick and at £1 a pop you can't go wrong! The first one I brough was Shade 14 'Bare' which is a really nice, everyday lipstick. I also brought Shade 6 which is a plummy, pink and is gorge! The lipsticks are really smooth and glide on really well - recommended!!

 The next product I brought was the Professional Eye Primer (£1.50). I've never used a primer before but have read loads of peoples reviews of various makes and thought I'd give MUA's a go because it's so affordable.

 I'm blessed with quite good skin (I don't get spots or blemishes just coldsores which get me down) so I never really use foundation. MUA's £2.50 foundation is the closest to my pale skin I've ever found so I'll give it a go as a base on a night out.

I have a real issue applying foundation so tips on how to do it well would be much appreciated!

 Finally I just had to buy something from MUA's collaboration with Love Hearts. And as a nail polish addict LOVE U 24/7 pretty much jumped into my online basket! I love the lilac colour, perfect for summer! I'll do a NOTD when I get round to using it!

Have you brought anything from MUA before? Anything you'd recommend?



  1. The primer looks good. Oh and the nail polish, wow! Gorgeous colour! xoxox

    1. I'm looking forward to using it, heard good reviews so fingers crossed!