Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #3


I have a confession with this weeks wish list - 2 of the items are currently winging themselves to me...

1) River Island AztecSkirt: My obsession with aztec print still hasn't waivered. This pink skirt would be perfect with a slouchy tee in the summer..adore!

2) Miss Selfridge Biker Jacket: I've been after a biker jacket for ages and couldn't find one I liked. This however I've fallen in love with and am hoping is perfect. Reviews on the website were hit and miss so we shall see! Do you normally pay attention to the reviews before buying?

3) Topshop Playsuit: This playsuit has everything - lace, a collar! But it's quite expensive for what it is so I think I'll stay lusting for a while yet...

4) Coture Clothing 'Bag Head' Tee: My friend Jess M tweeted to say she'd brough this tee last night and I think its amazing so I had to buy one too! Its really quirky and will look great with my biker jacket and jeans. The tees are unisex so I'm hoping a mans size small is big enough.

What do you thinkof these? Anything you're lusting after this week?


  1. Aaaah! I'm in your blog woohoo #famous lol
    Re your question about reviews - I always read reviews but only recent ones, say the last month. This is because often companies will change the shape/fit/quality of products as a result of returns (faulty especially) and reviews. Thus older reviews not relevant.
    Love the biker jacket! It's FIT! I got one from matalan early last year off good old website and lived in it. I still get it out occasionally and it makes me happy

    Love your blog such a good read! Xxx

  2. Of course, credit you for the top! Agreed, and I guess everyones body shape is different so can't really tell :) xxx

  3. Gorgeous picks! Damn you've tempted me ha-ha love the skirt espesh! I wish payday could randomly decide to multiply ha-ha


  4. It's a bargin at £15, wouldn't even notice the dent in your wallet lol! xx

  5. I really love the skirt! I'm not normally a big fan of aztec but it is lovely. Feeling tempted! x

  6. I love the aztec print skirt, River Island have got so many lovely things in at the moment! x

  7. Sophie - Its so pretty, the colours are a nice change too :) x

    Caroline - They have haven't they?! I could spend a small fortune in there! x

  8. I love the aztec-skirt!*-*
    Great Blog!(:

  9. I'm obsessed with aztec print too! When I see a review I take notice if there's quite a lot of bad ones, especially if they say the material is bad. xx

  10. love that t shirt. Off to check out couture clothing NOW! xxx