Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #6


1) Holly Wiloughby Peter Pan Dress for - I saw this the other day and have fallen completely in love! It's so summery and sweet! I love peter pan collars so this is just screaming out to be brought! Not loving the £49 price tag though!

2) Miss Selfridge Grey Spacedye Sweat - Oversized jumpers are my wardrobe staple and I adore this. I think this would look great with a colour-pop skater skirt or just with skinnies and my studded loafers from Toppers! At £26 it's a little bit pricey but it is payday...

3) River Island Lace Skater Dress - I've been lusting over this for ages and brought it finally for my cousins Baptism later this year. It's everything I love about dresses and I can't wait to buy it! My best friend has this in coral and another best friends' mom has it in Navy! Great minds!

4) MissGuided Odeolla Studded Heels - These Sam Eldemen copies are to die for! I'm resiting buying them, only because I know I'll step out of them! I'm between a size 2 and a 3 so shoes withour straps I fall out of! Anyone know if Missguided's shoes come up a bit small?

5) Republic Glamorous Print Playsuit - As it's leap year day, my fave shop Republic were offering delivery for 29p so as soon as the clock signaled lunch time in the office I ordered this gorge playsuit! Hoping it arrives in time for cocktails with my girls this Friday! I love the colours, print and everything!

What are you lusting after this payday?



  1. I just treated myself to the miss selfridge jumper (number 2) great minds! now i just have to save up for the playsuit...

  2. MerryLittleWorld - great minds indeed! It's £30 but as it's payday I couldn't resist! :P x

  3. oh ive wanted that miss selfridge jumper for aaages too! LUSH!

  4. Blue October - it's so pretty, I need to con my boyfriend into buying it for me so I don't feel guilty spending! x

  5. I love that lace dress you got from River Island, I can see why everyone's snapping it up, it's gorgeous!
    I'll be looking out for it too! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. Omg you have teeny feet! How cute :) I adore those shoes + the holly dress :) beautts! I'm desperate for some nude heels for work :)


  7. Caroline - Its really pretty, the coraly colour is gorge too :)

    Sarah - The colour is super pretty, just think its probably a bit pricey! Either that or I'm a cheapskate :P