Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Weekend I Spent Too Much Money

First off, apologies for being rubbish this week! With graduation and my Valentines weekend away I've not had chance to blog! My boyfriend and I went to the beautiful city of Chester for an  anniversary and V-Day treat.

We went to Cheshire Oaks - a shopping heaven where even designer labels had up to 60% off - and I spent lots...

First off I got these gorgeous leather boots from New Look for £15!! I'm not sure of the original price of these but they're super soft and comfy.

Also from New Look, these black wedges. I'm useless at heels but if they've got a wedge heel and I'm strapped in I don't walk quite so awkwardly. These are high for me but they're so pretty I couldn't resist!

I picked up this nude, angora knit jumper for £10 (reduced from £50 at Cheshire Oaks!!) from Warehouse and it's the softest jumper I own. The 3/4 sleeves have beaded detail on and help make it a little bit more dressy.

I've been after a pleather, skater skirt for ages and this pleated one from H&M is perfect. I'd seen it on a few blogs but as H&M's website is RUBBISH it wasn't on there so I thought I'd missed the boat. Glad I snapped it up though!


 Finally I brought this Beatles vest with cut off sleeves from H&M too. I love the cut and style of the vest, you'd pay a lot more than a fiver for same thing in Urban Outfitters!

Has anyone else ever been to Cheshire Oaks? What have you been buying this weekend?


  1. Wow, u got some really great items! I love the Beatles vest -jealous;-)))

  2. Oooh ok Clare, way to make me jelous! Bloody love those wedges especially + the pleather skirt :) those two together = perfection! I want money to spend!


  3. Maria - Thanks, it was so cheap I couldn't resist! xx

    Sarah - Thats my plan...once its warm enough to brave bare legs! lol! I'm now skint, hurry up payday! xx

  4. Love the shoes! They're gorgeous! I'm like you, I struggle to walk in heels, I find wedges much easier to hobble along in :) Lovely blog! xoxox

  5. Shannon - I'm glad it's not just me! All my friends laugh at me in their maoosive heels! xx

  6. gorgeous finds!! i just bought the skirt too! :)

  7. Oh god, I want that skirt soo bad. Haven't found it yet :(

  8. Sara - I've not seen it on H&M's website but I've always found it to be rubbish! :/ Think it's probably in the bigger stores :) xx

  9. Oooh Cheshire Oaks isn't far from me. Any good? Worth a trip?! I want one of those skirts too :)